What is Google AdWords and How Does it Work?

Google AdWords is Google search network ads. Before talking about Google AdWords and its importance, we must know that Google search is considered one of the top 5 sites used in most countries of the world, if not the first. The number of users are more than 16 billion per month, that is to say every second, about 7,000 Google users search for how, where, who, or what you imagine or can’t imagine anyone is looking for.

Through Google AdWords, we choose keywords if the user searched for them on Google, which then shows the results of the search. The first page shows your ad that contains a number of words to identify the service or product and link that leads to a page of the site and your paid ad will appear next to or above the free Google search results. When people click on your ad, they will go to your website to learn more or shop.

What is the cost?
Pay per click means that you pay only when someone clicks on your ad and visits your site, and the payment is based on the cost per click you advertised during your ad campaign (Google AdWords) by setting the maximum cost per click. It is known that the cost per click varies from word to word based on competition and varies from country to country.

Why is Google AdWords the most important?
Google AdWords ranked first in most online marketing tools for online products or services, and Google AdWords didn’t top this ranking in a vacuum. The first step to the success of any marketing campaign begins with precision targeting and what many of the tools and means of marketing or electronic marketing can’t reach the client needs. The target customer may have all the conditions for targeting but may not need your product or service, he may have completed the purchase or changed his mind or the time may not be appropriate for him.
And because Google AdWords allows you to target those who search for your product or service with a strong degree at a very high rate, it is the most appropriate and the most appropriate time (it is your client who chooses to reach you at the time of his search for you through the search engine), there is no difference between you and your competitors except on how you acquire a customer and visit your website to find a page where there are attractions and suspense. 

Keywords are the secret to success:
As the customer will search for you through a keyword, search words or keywords, selecting the right keywords is one of the most important secrets of your Google AdWords campaign success. You should search for the words associated with your product or service and the search times are the highest.
Therefore, the first steps to the success of your campaign on Google AdWords is the analysis of keywords to know the search times for each word in each country, as well as competition from advertisers and the expected average price per click. Also, analyze competitors' sites to know the keywords that lead to their site. Hence, it is important to use keyword analysis tools and competitor sites.
Some of the mistakes that some people may make during Google's ad campaigns include targeting words that current site visitors access without using the above-mentioned means.

Targeting Method:
Google AdWords isn’t only targeted by the keyword but you can specify the hours and days of the display or stop it based on your analysis of your site and follow your ad results to know the best and most appropriate times for your target customers and the same for the means used by visitors to your site (Desktop - Mobile - Tablet).
In Google AdWords ads, the success of your ad campaign is measured by two key factors:

  • The rate of return on investment
  • Click through rate


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